The Best Time = NOW

I’m sure we all know what it is like to dream. To visualize something you want so desperately that while you dream about it, you can almost taste it. It feels almost real.

The difference between making your dreams become a reality is the action you take or you don’t take.

Unfortunately, most people are comfortable with living in the “almost real” phase that nothing gets done.

That is why a 75 year old man will keep talking about the same dream he’s had since he was 17. He can only talk about it and visualize it in his minds eye, but never know the reality of it.

I will tell you this one thing, from me to you. There is no convenient time for you to actualize your dreams and goals. If you wait to have resources, you might wait for a long time and never have enough to begin.

What you need to begin, You already have.

A dream. A goal. A purpose.

So why not start now?

There is no time as perfect as the present the very moment in which you live now, reading this.

So let me give you a few tips.

Take a pen and a note book. Label the book Your Vision Notebook.

Outline one by one the steps that you need to take to actualize your dreams

If you have done that, You have already started.

Go over it daily and take measured steps towards your goal.

I wish you the best.

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