What is Brand Management


What do people think when they hear about your brand?

What’s their perception about you and your brand?

Brand management isn’t just naming a product or designing a trade mark. It is developing a promise, and fulfilling it.

However, there are concepts to keep in mind for managing a brand:

BRAND BUILDING: This is developing a brand image, idea of what you want people to think when they hear your name.

BRAND AWARENESS: Do people know your brand?

What do people say about your brand?

Forget not! The more people know you the better!

BRAND RECOGNITION: Customers’ awareness that your brand exists means more likelihood of purchase. Remember the last time you were at the mall and got something you were familiar with instead of trying a new one? Yes, we all do that.

BRAND LOYALTY: This cannot be overemphasized!

Always stick to your promises; deliver what you promised.

A loyal brand always have returning customers!

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